Intellectual Property Rights - The Wise Words materials are protected by copyright. No images or text may be digitally modified.

Each page of a document displays the purchaser’s name/organisation. The purchaser is granted a licence to print or photocopy the materials at that specific site only. If a licence is purchased by a clinic, school or institution the programs may be installed on up to 6 computers (including laptops) at one site. Under this single-user licence, should a team of therapists visit different schools and centres, these therapists are only licensed to use the programs with the children under their specific care. It would be a breach of copyright for an individual or institution to share the programs with schools or other organisations. If a school wished to use the Wise Words programs with other children at their school or in small group work, the schools must purchase the programs for themselves.


We recommend that you make a copy of your original disc as a back up in case of possible virus corruption at a later date.




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